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You Don’t Know SHIT About Coding and It’s Killing Your Career

If you stumble when someone asks you “So do you Code?” or if the term Code makes you think of someone dying in a hospital bed, this incredible article will begin to set your free. You can basically divide the world of business professionals into three camps: A) those who can Code and do (around 18 million […]

Draft Kings Manager Uses DK Data to Win $350,000 on Fan Duel!

So just when we figured out that just 1% of the players in Daily Fantasy Sports games (DFS for short) on Draft Kings and Fan Duel win 91% of the money (because they are using algorithmic trading data like high speed securities traders and entering  DK and FD “tournaments” hundreds and/or thousands of times) . . […]

‘Next Big Thing Report’ Highlights 45 million Addressable Market for Galmed’s (“GLMD”) AramcholTM Treatment of NASH Liver Disease

I hope you enjoy my recent interview with Josh Blacher, CFO of Galmed Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (Nasdaq: “GLMD”). Our mission at is to find and report on transformational companies. Galmed’s drug Aramchol meets our criteria big time: Assuming launch in 2020, recent published equity research indicates up to $3 billion a year peak market sales for Aramchol […]

Why You Will LOSE Your Daily Fantasy Sports Game This Weekend and EVERY Weekend

If you are a televised sports fan, I don’t have to tell you that about half of the ads you’ve seen lately on ESPN or Fox Sports 1 etc have been for the two major “daily fantasy sports” or DFS league sponsors FanDuel and DraftKings. Their ads show you average Joes winning “Millionaire Maker” games of skill drafting […]

Next Big Thing Alert Consumer: The Cat Cafe Wave is Purring

At Next Big Thing Research . . . NBT Research for short . . .we are always on the lookout for exploding growth in new consumer categories. Cat cafe’s . . .  where you can enjoy your morning, lunch and evening coffee/tea/beverage and snack with dozens of shelter cats . . . started in the […]

In Case You Missed the Last 15 Years of The Daily Show . . .

. . . Here are NINE of the best episodes IMHO.    

Join Us in Cuba on NBT Adventures January 2016

  Next Big Thing Adventure Travel Cuba 2016 Dear Friends, Subscribers & Fellow World Travelers, Once a year we bring our global travel buddies SOMEWHERE in the world to enjoy adventurous places, food, wine and basically indulge ourselves Last year’s trip to Portugal and Madrid was heaven. When we asked our Portugal crew “Where next?” […]

MEEC Midwest Energy Emissions Updates Total Contracted Revenues to Over $110 Million

Midwest Energy Emissions (MEEC) provided shareholders a general business update today ahead of their annual 10K report. In short, ALL systems are go with EPA’s “MATS” mercury emission control compliance for about 25% of the US Coal Powered utility fleet…with the remaining 75% of the coal fired power generators over 25MW coming under MATS in […]

Zacks Gives Midwest Energy Emissions $1.55 Target—120%+ Gain in 6 Months

Zacks Research agrees with NBT Equity Research—there are big profits ahead for MEEC shareholders. With $100 million in already contracted revenues from large U.S. power utility companies, Zacks rates MEEC stock a buy with a $1.55 target based on just $34M of 2016 revenues ($which is a $40 million annual run rate as 75% of […]

NBT Equities Research Update on MCW Energy Group (MCWEF) Operations & Plant Financing

My colleagues at our capital financing group NBT Capital Markets tell me that the new range for WTI oil prices…let’s call it $55-$65…has opened up significant interest in the structured capital markets for building MCW’s planned 5,000 barrel a day plant (two identical 2,500 bpd plants side by each) in Utah. Especially with longer term […]

Crowd Intel

Next Big Thing Alert: The Small Satellite Wave is Exploding . . eh Launching

Can you name an industry that has grown sixfold in the last five years to 800 companies that is NOT an internet, drone or new consumer gadget like GoPro or FitBit? Think small satellites . . .under 1100 lbs . . .and call that industry the “newspace” space. And it ain’t all Elon Musk and […]

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